The Bulk Olive Oil Marketplace

Mercolive is the biggest internet Marketplace specialized in bulk olive oil trading.




Spanish Weekly olive oil in bulk - Poolred

Extra 2423€/tm
Virgin 2000€/tm
Lampante 1950€/tm

Market access

MERCOLIVE allows you quick and easy access to the bulk olive oil market. Olive oil references will be available for buyers who can check characteristics, quantities, and also make offers. For bulk olive oil buyers never was so easy to find the olive oil they need. We want an updated market, transparent and without fees

Order samples

Olive oils are well characterized in MERCOLIVE even with its corresponding analysis report. You can request a sample in a single click. We will manage the shipment for a 24-72 hours delivery.

Warehouse Management

MERCOLIVE allows warehouse and tanks creation. These tanks, if desired, can be totally or partly sold. MERCOLIVE allows you to manage your olive oil warehouse a simple and intuitive way on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Buy and sell bulk olive oil

MERCOLIVE allows you to sell your bulk olive oil references in an easy way. When you receive an offer, you can accept it, you can reject it, or you can modify some terms untill you reach an agreement.

Custom Notifications

Our notification system won't let you lose any trading opportunity. You can configure personalized notifications and recive alerts in your dashboard as well as in your email.