What is Mercolive

MERCOLIVE is a tool to help the olive oil sector. It is the first specific solution of B2B e-commerce (business to business), which provides a comprehensive platform to keep abreast of the industry, cellar management and a powerful tool to market your oils in bulk directly, managing safely your communications, sending samples and negotiation to generating contracts.


MERCOLIVE is a multi language and platform focused on the international market. We break the language barrier because, although an international negotiation to occur, all communications will be in your language. By putting oil on the market, automatically any user in the world can buy it. Internationalize your business is easy with MERCOLIVE.


It is essential to be informed to make the right decision. Thanks to MERCOLIVE you'll be aware of the prices of olive oil on the website and in our app, know the movements that are occurring in the market, reporting, locating oil you need in a few seconds thanks to our powerful search engine request samples in one click. Our alert system will not allow you to leave out any opportunity. It never has been easier to access the olive oil market!


With MERCOLIVE your company and its oils are accessible to any user on the system, you can go to marketing channels practically doing nothing. In a simple way you can position yourself in the market and gain visibility, beneficing of marketing actions performed MERCOLIVE.


The single warehouse manager allows you to have an overview of olive oil produces a very intuitive and visual way. You can easily manage the various tanks and decide what or how much you put on sale in a global market without barriers.


MERCOLIVE is social. You can follow those oils that interest you and see what is happening with this oil; if others follow, if requested samples, if they make deals or eventually sold. Thanks to MERCOLIVE and all information available in the system, know what is the optimum time to make or accept an offer.


Selling or buying bulk oils has never been easier. From your warehouse manager you have the possibility of putting oils on the market for you to decide and the amount you want. Any system user will have access to the characterization of your oils and your stocks. You will receive sample requests and offers, which can easily accept, reject or renegotiate and when you make a sale you will not pay any commission. If you are a buyer, you will have access to an extensive catalog of oils, you can request samples and bid and using the search engine has never been easier to find oil you're looking for. No brokerage commissions!


The proposed MERCOLIVE translates into savings. Savings in time and cost savings management but also because not charge brokerage commission. Whether you are a seller, buyer or possess the two profiles, we have the plan that suits you.