Registration and User Profile
Why do I have to register?

With registration you will be aware of what's new in Mercolive also can access the market for olive oil as a guest user so you can see how Mercolive works. In addition you can access information Poolred price and graphs.

Is it free?

Registration as a guest user is free. Being a limited account you can view only access cellars olive oil, without identifying the seller or to interact with it. If you want to have access to all functionalities register in an unrestricted account and enjoy it 3 months free without any commitment.

How do I create a user account Seller, Buyer or Premium?

Choose the plan that best suits your needs, if you produce chooses a seller account, if you are a buyer chooses a Buyer account and if you have both profiles choose a Premium account. Finally we introduce all the identification details of the company.

Sell Olive Oil Bulk
Who can sell olive oil in bulk?

To sell oil have to be a Seller or Premium account.

What do I have to do to sell bulk olive oil?

In your control panel in Warehouse menu, you can add deposits which consists your warehouse by clicking on the New button to open tank. we deposit slip, introduce the reference deposit amount and the total amount of oil you have in the tank. If deposit is for sale and the amount that you are interested in taking up the market.Must fill the physico-chemical parameters of Purity, Physicochemical Parameters and Quality Organoleptic parameters. Remember that the more complete the deposit slip, most likely receive an offer.

Buy Olive Oil Bulk
Who can buy olive oil in bulk?

To purchase oil have to have a Buyer or Premium account.

What do I have to do to buy bulk olive oil?

Should access Market section. You will find tabs suggested oils, promoted or featured based on your interests. You will have a powerful search engine that lets you find oils that most interests you, by geographical area, qualities and analyticals.Click in the summary of the oil can see the complete record of the oil and interact with it. We can follow this oil for the system to alert us of interactions, we can request a sample and you start a negotiation if you are interested in purchasing.

How a consignment of olive oil is traded?
Negotiation starts when the buyer click on buy. At this time the offer sheet that the conditions of the offer opens specify: quantity, price, date withdrawal, way to pay.This offer to the seller (email and alert system) is reported in the Market section where they appear the offers received and where the details of the offer (reference, quantity, price, etc.) appear, and if a sample sent to this buyer. If Seller does not mark any field of supply, the button is reject offer enabled and may reject the offer. If all fields of negotiation are accepted, the offer accept button is enabled. If partial conditions are accepted, the counteroffer button is enabled and not marked fields become editables.When an offer is accepted the contract with the data buyer, seller, reference data and supply conditions is generated.
Oil Samples Order
How I can request a sample?

If you have a profile Premium Buyer or in any extended deposit slip that you have found in the search, you can request a sample of the deposit. The cost of a sample application is 7.50 € for mainland shipments. If you request a sample outside Spain and Portugal consult us shipping cost. Mercolive manage the shipment of the sample with the producer.

How much will I receive the sample?

Depend on the origin and destination. Our messaging provider, has these approximate transit time.

  • Spain 24-48 hours
  • European Union 3-5 days
  • Rest of world 5-14 days
    who pays for shipping?

    Buyer requesting the sample.

    Have not received the sample I requested

    in this case contact Mercolive in info@mercolive.com that we may inquire into the logistics information system, what happened to your sample, to resolve the issue as soon as possible .

What are Alerts?

As a user of Mercolive, you will not miss any opportunity. Thanks to the system alerts you will be notified in the system and through the mail all the movements and actions that occur in your cellar, in the negotiations and oils you follow.

What kinds of alerts exist in Mercolive?
Alerts prices oil.

you can configure the system to notify you when the price of olive oil reaches a certain market price.

alerts sample request

alerts you when a buyer asks a sample, Mercolive will contact you to manage it.

Alert monitoring

When a user follows an oil. You get all the movements of the oil

  • Follow-up by other users
  • Sample request
  • Offers made
  • Sale
  • Change
  • Delete

    Alert negotiation

    When a user makes an offer alerts are sent with every movement of negotiation users. If this offer not addressed, there will be a daily reminder. If spend 5 days without addressing this alert, the system automatically rejects the offer

    Alert displays

    An alert is sent to the applicant of the dispatch of the processed sample.