Object and generalities

The present terms and conditions of use (hereinafter, Conditions of Use) regulate the use by the user of the website www.mercolive.com (hereinafter, the User and the Website respectively) ownership of Mercolive Trading, SL, a Spanish company domiciled in Camino de los Sastres street number 22, 1-2 with CIF Number B-14999049, contact telephone number 95 794 48 85, email info@mercolive.com, registered in the Mercantile Register of Córdoba to Volume 2401, Folio 182, Sheet CO-34553 (hereinafter Mercolive).

Conditions of navigation and registration of the Website

The contents of the Website are provided directly by the Professionals, who publish in the same their offers of products and services. It is this meaning Mercolive, will do everything reasonably possible to monitor the legality of the content and other information that is provided or distributed through the Website. However, the User assumes, acknowledges and accepts that Mercolive does not understand the absolute control over them, therefore Mercolive is not liable to any third party for any damages that may arise from said use. Certain sections of the Website are accessible to natural or legal persons even though they never register or initiate a purchase (hereinafter, Interested). In this sense, Interested parties who access these parts of the Website agree to be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms of Use, to the extent that they may be applicable. Interested parties will be able to navigate through the Website, being able to access the public information contained therein about the products and services offered. To begin the acquisition of products and services on the Website, the interested party must complete a standardized online form in which, in one or several phases, it must include at least the following personal information: a) name and surname ; B) electronic mail; C) comment Mercolive wants to let Users know that it is exclusively aimed at an audience of more than eighteen (18) years. During the contact process, the Interested party must provide Mercolive with information whose accuracy, timeliness, truthfulness and completeness will guarantee. If the information lacked the above characteristics, the contact process will not be valid, so that, consequently, Mercolive will be exempted from fulfilling its obligations. Likewise, Mercolive will not be responsible for any shipments, references, errors, inconveniences or irregularities directly or indirectly generated by the lack of accuracy, timeliness, truthfulness and completeness of the information provided by the User.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use of the Website.

The Terms of Use of Mercolive, supplemented and supplemented by the Privacy and Cookies Policy contained in the Website whose current drafting is made available to the User and is obligatory to read, contain the terms of use of the Website and, consequently, The set of rights and obligations that as User of the service has. If the User is subscribing these Terms of Use on behalf of an organization or legal entity, the individual who subscribes and accepts these Terms of Use expressly states that he has sufficient powers of representation to contract on behalf of the same and compromise To the organization it represents with the above conditions. In such case, the term User will refer in any case to the legal person and not to the subscriber and Mercolive will not be responsible for the lack of veracity in the data or manifestations made by the representative. The acquisition of certain products and the use of certain services offered to the Users through the Website may be subject to particular conditions of the Professionals who, as the case may be, replace, complete and / or modify the present Conditions of Use. Both prior to the acquisition of such products and the use of such services, the User must also read carefully and also accept the corresponding special conditions of his own which will be made available to him beforehand.

Description of the products and services of the Website offered by the Professionals.

Professionals make available oils with certain characteristics described by means of chemical analytics made for this purpose. Available quantities offered may vary from the time of publication until the sale is formalized. Each Professional will incorporate in the offer of the Products a detailed description of the same of which the Professional is solely responsible. Section II. Acquisition of the products and services of the Professionals

Conditions of acquisition of products and services of the Professionals on the Website

Through the Website, Mercolive offers the possibility of hiring between Professionals. Mercolive is a simple intermediary in charge of the promotion of the products and services and in the cases that so decide the Professionals, an intermediary in the collection and payment between them. Mercolive assumes no responsibility in relation to the offer and sale of the products, the Professionals being solely responsible for the products and services offered, the offer, the information about them, the Delivery process and the guarantees offered.

Purchasing process.

Professionals may acquire, show interest or request a sample of a particular oil for which they will complete the form corresponding to the oil listing. Once completed, Mercolive will contact the interested Professional to initiate the process of acquisition and / or request of sample from outside the Web.

Delivery of products.

a) Place of Delivery
Professionals will agree on the place of delivery in contract to the effect carried out externally to the website.
Delivery time B>
The professionals will agree the term of delivery in contract to the effect realized in the Web page. The delivery is considered made from the moment in which the product has been put at the disposal of the User in the indicated place of delivery By the latter against the signature of the corresponding delivery note or at the time when, in the event that the Professional takes over the contracting of transportation, the collection of the product to the Professional. To this end, the risk of products (among others, loss, damage or theft) will be transmitted to the Professional from the moment the product has been made available to the Professional in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use .

User Obligations

The User undertakes to make diligent use of the Website and the services accessible from it, with full subjection to the Law, good customs and the present Conditions of Use and, where appropriate, particular conditions, as well as maintaining Due respect to other Users and Professionals. The User must assume the following obligations in the use of the Website:
a) provide accurate, current, true and complete information and data in any
b) to immediately communicate any unauthorized use or any other irregularities, including potential or possible irregularities, which may be known or at least suspected by The Professional;
c) strictly follow the instructions provided on the Website for the purchase processes; And
d) facilitate and communicate to Mercolive any changes in the information or personal data of the Professional that may be relevant, especially for the delivery of the products.

Generic prohibitions

As an essential and inexcusable condition to maintain their status as Users, the User assumes the obligation not to perform the following behaviors:
a) access, manipulate or use any area of ​​the Website that does not have
b) try to probe, investigate, analyze, explore or test the vulnerability of the Website, payment gateways or any system or network related to the
c) attempt to decrypt, decompile, disassemble, or reverse any of the security engineering, or break any security or authentication barrier related to the Website or meritorious systems or networks; Software used for the provision of Mercolive's own services;
d) damage or generate a threat of damage to the system, other Users, the "host" or the network, manipulate or attempt Manipulate the access of any User in any way, including, without limitation, And never exhaustive, the accomplishment of such purposes by sending viruses, overload, overflow, or mass mailing of "spam" or "e-mails" to the Service; Or
e) imitate or falsify the affiliation of the User or of any other person through the use of the identity of another person and / or entity.

Mercolive Obligations.

Mercolive assumes the following obligations to the User:
a) protect the personal data provided by the User as responsible for processing the same; And
b) establish and update with the diligence of an orderly entrepreneur the systems of control and security of the Website, so that, as far as possible and always in accordance with the limitations of Liability contained in these Terms of Use, is guaranteed the provision of the service without inconveniences or irregularities.
Section IV. Responsibility of the Parties.


In no case and under no circumstances will Mercolive be liable to the User or to any third party as a result of the following events and in the circumstances described:
a) any incapacity or unavailability for Use of the Website, any other area thereof, or even any suspension, interruption, malfunction or fall of the system - whether temporary or definitive - when these are derived from necessary factors of maintenance of the Website or factors beyond the (I) situations of force majeure or unforeseeable by Mercolive or, if it can be foreseen, it is not possible to control or mitigate the effects of Themselves; Or (ii) the action of a third party who has no personal, commercial or other relationship with Mercolive, including, without limitation, manipulation, investment, disablement, sending of computer viruses, overloading
b) any damages or damages of any kind that could be caused and / Or arising from the interruption, termination or dysfunction of the Website, and other causes established in the preceding paragraph;
c) any event related to the purchase of the product, because Mercolive is a
d) any loss, damage, damage, loss or damage suffered by the product and / or its contents once it has been made Been received to the satisfaction of the Professional;
In this sense, the User assumes, acknowledges and admits that, in any of the events and circumstances described in the preceding paragraphs, Mercolive has no responsibility to the User or to any other third party, so that, Consequently, the User hereby expressly waives to claim to Mercolive any damages and any damages derived therefrom or related to the events that occurred and to sue Mercolive before the Courts or against any other body for the concepts indicated in the This section.

Mercolive Indemnity.

Mercolive, its officers, employees, affiliates, agents or any other related persons shall defend, indemnify and indemnify and hold harmless Mercolive, with respect to any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, expenses or any other concepts, Are reasonable or not and that have arisen on the part of the User or as a consequence of any violation of the provisions of these Terms of Use. Section V. Intellectual and industrial property.

Property title.

Mercolive is the sole owner, or is the transferee or holder of the corresponding licenses and / or authorizations of the intellectual and / or industrial property rights of the Website, the Mercolive brand, including its design, format, software Web site or databases that form or have been part of it at some point. In no case shall it be understood that access and use of the Website implies the renunciation, transmission, license, total or partial assignment or authorization of any kind for the exploitation, reproduction, public communication, dissemination, disclosure and / or transformation of the Website , Nor of its contents, nor of the intellectual and / or industrial property rights inherent thereto. It is also expressly stated that it is not authorized in any way, and therefore it is prohibited to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, send by mail, Transmit, use, treat or distribute in any way all or part of the contents included in the Website or in any other elements that are property of Mercolive or of third parties that authorized its use to Mercolive, without the express authorization And in writing by Mercolive or, as the case may be, the owner of the rights.
Section VII. Additional issues


The Service may contain links to third party websites. The User acknowledges and agrees that Mercolive has no responsibility for: (i) the availability and accuracy of such websites or (ii) the content, products or services found on or available from the websites. Links to such websites do not imply any endorsement or endorsement by Mercolive of such web sites or their contents, products or services. The User acknowledges his exclusive responsibility and fully assumes the risk derived from entering the websites contained in the links.
Section VIII. Miscellany

Full knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the Terms of Use.

The User assumes, accepts and expressly acknowledges that he has full knowledge and understanding of all the contents of these Terms of Use and that, knowing and understanding them, expressly accepts them without any exclusion or limitation of liability. Likewise, the User assumes that, unless modified by these Conditions of Use and while they are in force, these are the ones that are governed by each and every one of the uses and / or purchases or subscriptions made by the User on the Site Web so that, with the subscriptions thereof at this time, the User is bound by them as long as their relationship with Mercolive is in force, and can not claim ignorance of its content or the operation of the Website on the occasion of a future use of the Even while these Terms of Use are in force.

Interpretation and authentic text.

The Terms of Use, if they are written in several languages, in all of them will be valid and authentic. However, in case of doubt, complaint or debate about the interpretation, execution or application of the Terms of Use, the Spanish / Spanish version of the same will be the only one that should be taken into consideration. This version, in particular, is in English language. Unless otherwise expressed throughout these Terms of Use, lists, details, specific assumptions or specific elements are cited merely as illustrative but not exhaustive. Specific assumptions are included within generic areas only for illustrative purposes and, of course, without any more exhaustiveness or taxation. Likewise, terms that begin in Capital letter and that are not defined expressly will have the meaning that Mercolive grants to him.


Mercolive reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice these Conditions of Use to adapt them to future legislative or jurisprudential developments, to the practices, customs and customs of the sector, as well as to introduce any changes unilaterally decided by Mercolive, Whether or not they owe the aforesaid reasons. In any case, Mercolive undertakes to provide the User, in a visible way, with sufficient information on the modification that may be suffered by the Terms of Use through its publication on the Website and obtain its consent if it is mandatory by law. Should read these User Conditions carefully each time they access the Website. In any case, acceptance of the Conditions of Use is a necessary and preliminary step for the purchase of a product or the contracting of a service on the Website. The conditions that govern at the time of purchase will be taken into account, despite its subsequent modification.

Applicable legislation.

This agreement will be subject to Spanish legislation in force.